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Modern Organic Living Endeavour Hills

My client had 2 words for me when we met for our first consult : Modern Organic ! And i could not have been happier. 


This style embraces simplicity with a less is more type of style.


The vibe is warm, inviting and natural – predominantly minimal with clean lines but with the use of organic type materials and textures; wood tones, calm colours all brought to life with oversized greenery, accents of olive green or mustard and with an added contrast of black. 


The Organic Modern style is a soft blend of all of the beautiful  parts of nature and the sophisticated and sleek elements of modern interior design. 


It gives off a warm and timeless vibe, that you immediately feel when you walk in the room

My clients room is slowly coming together (lead times are long) I look forward to sharing the finished product with you when all complete. 

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