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Glen Iris Cabinetry Design

Upon entering my clients home, it was obvious that a storage solution was going to be the number one priority. The dated 90's cabinets were just not up to the job anymore, with just about everything sprawled out on the floor. My client originally thought that just one built in along the wall next to the fireplace would do the trick, but looking at all the items that needed to be homed somewhere, it was decided that we would go all out.  After a presenting a couple ideas, we both agreed upon the final design.  Scale drawings were completed for the cabinet maker along with finishes and fixtures.  The happiest day was seeing my clients face when all was installed, the chaos that had been apart of her living room, was gone and her space began to feel like a living room again.

"I had the most incredible experience with Sharon from Styled and Staged. Before Sharon came along to completely renovate my living room, I was so confused as to what I really wanted. I knew what I needed and Sharon steered that ship so professionally, efficiently & creatively and I was so relieved and knew that I was in good hands as soon as she showed me the first drawings. Thank you Sharon for taking on this enormous task of organizing my life and for working with the most wonderful cabinet maker from Parvac too. I am so in love with my new living room and I have so much more space with thanks to you. I can't wait to see what you have in mind for my study. It urgently needs your help!"

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