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Following are visual examples and an overview of what is included in my E-Styling package. A step by step on how it all works. If you dont see something that suits your requirements - please reach out - I would be happy to tailor a styling package to suit your needs.  

organic modern.jpg
Step 1 Define your project

The first step is a consultation  where I get an understanding of your requirements, your style, basically gather all the information I need to create a personalised design to suit your home, lifestyle and most importantly, reflects your needs & budget.


You may have saved images on your phone or even have created  a Pinterest Board filled with inspiration that you aspire to -  you may like to share these images with me - every bit of information you provide will help me better understandyour vision .

Mood Board
Mood Board

Mood & Design Boards - these are a visual representation reflecting the goals for your room. They include images, suggested specifications, details of a selection of curated furnishings and décor pieces that reflect the style you are after as well as work within your budget.

I allow for 2 revisions to ensure we get it right.

colour palette_edited.jpg
Step 2 Colour Scheme & Finishes  

Based on all you have shared with me, I create a customised colour scheme along with ideas for finishes for your room.

spatial planning.png

Step 3 Spatial Planning

The very important space planning.


Using your provided floor plan, I create a tailored furnishing layout for your room. Layout / spatial planning is extremely important. We need to ensure that there is flow throughout your space/ spaces ensuring that your interior is functional as well as beautiful.


Space planning ensures a room can be used to its maximum potential. The process ties the beauty and comfort of a space together. Without space planning, you can end up with a poorly designed space that is awkward and even frustrating to be in.

furniture suggestions_edited_edited.png
Step 4 Furniture Suggestions

After your mood / design boards and colour palette are agreed on.  I then begin searching for furniture and decorative items that reflect the style / aesthetic we have chosen for your room.


I have a great list of suppliers that I can source from and highly recommend, excellent products from brands you will know and love.  And the best part, I offer a designer discount to you so you are buying all your new pieces at less than recommended retail, often the savings are between 15% - 40%.

Step 5 Styling

Styling – my favorite part of the process


Styling is so important - it’s all the accessories like cushions, books, candles, bowls, vases, rugs, prints, etc, that provide all the additional interest (texture and colour) as well as play a key role in completing the look for any room


I provide a list of decorative pieces and will guide you on where and how to place each item.

shopping list.jpg
Step 6 The Shopping List 

Once all selections have been decided I put together a curated shopping list for your project. This list displays the items for you have decided on for your home, including, images, measurements, supplier, recommended retail price and where applicable the designer discount price. This enables you to see and understand the total cost and compare it against the budget you set for your room. 

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Add On - 3D Renders 

3D interior renders offer a detailed representation of what your space will potentially look like once the project is completed. They provide a photorealistic experience and enable you to really understand and visualise my design concepts before anything is actually purchased, thus allowing us to make any necessary changes / updates before purchasing any furniture or styling pieces.


$395 per room

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