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How to style your Coffee Table like a Pro

Is your living room suffering from a Coffee Table Catastrophe? Do you wonder why you can never get your coffee table to look like all the stunningly styled ones shown in all the glossy magazines? Mine was always a red-hot mess, I just could never seem to get it perfect. It wasn’t until I completed all my styling courses that I discovered there was all these tricks and tips to get it styled to perfection.

Given that the coffee table is literally the centre of your living room, it pretty important that the styling stands out and grabs the attention it deserves.

Here are some of my tips to up your coffee table styling game and ensure that the centrepiece of your living room looks more chic and less shambles.

pic via ohmeohmyblog

Colour & Theme sets the Scene

Your coffee table styling should follow the same colour & theme of what’s happening in your room. It should always feel connected. You don’t want bright crazy colours on your table if your room features a neutral colour palette. Same goes with the objects you style your table with. If you have a coastal theme, loading your table with ornate French provincial pieces will conflict with the entire vibe.

Vary the Heights

Always make sure that your decorative items are at different heights. This creates visual interest. Use stacked books, a tall vase, candles or a beautiful hand painted bowl. When all items are at the same eye level on the table absolutely nothing gets noticed and it all tends to look super boring and that's one thing we dont want..... a boringly styled coffee table.

Show us your Books

I love nothing more than a big coffee table book (I literally have dozens and dozens of them). A pile of stacked books is a fabulous way to show off your collection, that and they also look amazing laid out on a coffee table, especially with decorative pieces like a scented candle, a vase or a trinket box on top of each stack. If you need to up your coffee table book count – BOOKTOPIA is where I get all mine, they offer a fantastic range and always at discounted prices (let’s face it – we all love a bargain). If books aren’t in your budget try using magazines, these are a great substitute and look just as good.

pic via homewithkiki

Play with a Tray

A tray is stylish option for your coffee table. It can be used to showcase all your favourite small finds. Trays also give the table structure and symmetry. Place your tray in the centre of the table or even off to one side and STYLE IT UP. Styling your coffee table is all about the tray!

Odds over Evens

When it comes to styling anything in your home always arrange objects in odd numbers. As mentioned in my previous blogs, it’s been scientifically proven that humans prefer odd numbers over evens. So, style your table in sets of three, five or seven. Believe me when I tell you - odd numbers are far more eye catching.

pic via Architectural Digest

Now add some WOW

Here is your opportunity to be playful and bold by injecting your personality into your styling by displaying something unusual or unique. It could be an item you have collected on your travels, it could be a fun gold figurine, it could be a flea market find, it could even be some colourful beads, a stack of cards or a mini terrarium. It might take you a while to find that one unique piece, but when you find it, you will know it. And never be scared to add that one pop of colour.

images via Apartment Therapy

Let there be Light

Trust me, a coffee table just isn’t complete until there is a candle or two on it (or even four). Flowers and books are fabulous, but a candle makes it all come together. Whether it be a tiny tea light candle in a gorgeous holder, a stunning scented candle or a big standout statement one like the gorgeous Fornasetti candles (which I LOVE). Even a long candlestick in a tall statement candle holder, all will give your table and room a whole lot of ambience. Not only are they pretty but they smell amazing.

Green is Good

A plant or a flower arrangement is a crucial factor for any stylish coffee table. And if you don’t have a green thumb (I sure don’t) Fake is Fine. Bringing a plant or fresh flowers into the mix will bring life along with some subtle softness to the table. Adding that touch of green from flowers or a hard to kill succulent really makes a difference to the whole vibe of your table.

image via

Last but not least

Have some fun!

Be sure to use pieces that you love, but remember to keep it functional you need to be able to place your coffee cup somewhere (and your wine glass), be able to put your feet up and relax and enjoy a board game with our family.

Need some help ?

Still unsure if you have the skills to style your table or even whole your space ? Never fear - thats why I'm here. Get in touch via and I would love to help. I can assist you chose the decor items you need and show you exactly how / where to style them. Design the room of your dreams, literally from the comfort of your computer screen.


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