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How to style your space with Abstract Art

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Abstract art is the perfect addition to all types of interior styles and décor schemes. Whether you want to merge mid century with modern or clash with classical, a bright and bold abstract piece will complete your room and add a burst of energy to your home.

Read through my tips below to help you decide on an Abstract piece for your wall.

Keep it Neutral

Abstract Art doesn’t always mean a big bold crazy colourful piece. There are many neutral and earthy colour palettes that provide warmth and elegance to a room. When styling with abstract art, select the main tones in your room and match a specific piece or series of art accordingly.



Fill the Wall

If you have a small room, one big piece of art can make a room feel so much bigger. Hanging one big piece is a great way to fill a large wall and really create a statement. Large panel pieces are ideal for homes with high ceilings, their height elongates the space, while dark, rich colour schemes can create intimacy by drawing the focal point of the room inwards. Depending on the size of the wall you are looking to fill, it can be worth considering a custom sized piece our friends at MASH Art can custom artwork for your wall in any size, style or colour. Contact them, I know they will be happy to help find you a perfect piece.


art by MASH Art

pic via architectural digest

Match Similar Tones

Abstract art doesn’t always have to yell out for attention. For abstract art that set off the rest of your room’s decor, be sure to stick to colours that already exist in your space. Choose a piece that has a selection of accent colours that match your walls, or even have the same tones as your sofa. The edgy look of the artwork will ensure the feel of your room is more modern rather than matchy-matchy.

pic by Frank Tribble

Go Bold with Black and White

Want to make a statement without going crazy with colour, a black and white abstract piece will most certainly do that.

When choosing a piece think about the kind of energy you want to create in your room. A massive form can feel solid and grounding, whilst creative shapes and messy splashes can make for a cool vibe.


photo by liza gilies art

And Remember

Invest in something you love, spend as little or as much as you can afford, its not about taking out a second mortgage to purchase a piece of art, its about finding a piece that resonates with you.

Great art pieces are not hard to find, you can hop online and find loads of great art or be sure to check out local 2nd hand stores or even thrift markets, you never know what gems you may come across.

I love that MASH Art have a wide range of Hand Painted Abstract Art as well as an enormous selection of printed reproductions all well priced to suit any budget. As mentioned above they also custom, so you can pick a size and a colour palette and they will work with you to custom a piece to suit your style.

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